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About AIT



AIT’s management relies on a careful blend of home-grown Nigerian expertise plus a backup of seasoned professionals from Europe, the United States and other parts of Africa. All members of the management team are highly accomplished practitioners in the field of broadcasting with the proven capabilities required in this highly competitive sector.
Senior Management is ably augmented by a dedicated workforce carefully selected from the growing pool of indigenous broadcasting talent.


DAAR Communications did not start broadcast operation until 1994, six years after incorporation. This was due to legislative initiative in Nigeria’s broadcast sector. It was not until August 24, 1992, about fifty years after the advent of broadcasting in Nigeria that the government promulgated Decree No. 38 which deregulated the ownership of the electronic media in the country.

Following this piece of legislation which ushered in a new era of private ownership of Radio and Television stations, DAAR Communications applied for Radio, Television and Direct Broadcasting by satellite license. The license was subsequently granted. It began full commercial broadcast operations on September 1, 1994 on its high profile radio channels with the call sign, Raypower 100.5, the first private independent radio station in the Federal Republic of Nigeria.


Initial funding of Daar Communications Ltd came from Daar Investment & Holding Company and the founder of the conglomerate - Chief Aleogho Dokpesi, PhD.
As a measure of its confidence in the project, a consortium of leading banks in Nigeria actively supported the company. Leading the consortium Union Bank of Nigeria Plc. Other participants are First of Nigeria Plc, NAL Merchant Bank Plc, Afribank Plc and Lead Merchant Bank Plc.

In line with the regulations of the Nigerian Stock Exchange (NSE) and the Security & Exchange Commission (SEC) which require a minimum of five years of operation before quotation on the first tier of the Stock Exchange, shares will be noted and publicly quoted for the Nigeria Stock Exchange in the nearest future. This will provide the opportunity to widen the ownership base as well as raise funds to implement the expansion of the company to all parts of the globe.


AIT’s audience is global with general viewership. Our appeal is to a broad cross-section of popular tastes. To those seeking authentic and authoritative information about the Africa, Caribbean and Afro-American experience, AIT provides the natural programming choice.


AIT beams quality programs round the clock which are down-linked and redistributed in Africa, the whole of Americas, Mexico and the Caribbean.
AIT’s in-depth coverage aims to keep global viewers fully in tune with the soul of an African broadcaster offering premium quality service.


DAAR Communications Limited broadcast stations are on air 24 hours daily. The internet company also provides a 24 hours service.


Satellite: Telstar 5

Oribital Position: 97w

Number of Transponder: 26

Polarization: 12, 151

Polarization: Horizontal

Symbol Rate: 22 Mband/s

FEC: ¾ (.75)

Standard: MPEG2/DBV fully Complaint



December 6, 1996 heralded the coming of a star in global Satellite Broadcasting, Africa Independent television channel 21.
AIT provides a fresh slant to TV broadcasting with a unique programming theme that shares the African Experience with the wider global community.


AIT channel 21 and AIT International share the same vision and a similar mission. AIT has a unique mission that of sharing the African Experience with the wider global community. With its fascinating cross-cultural theme and vibrant programme content, Africa Independent television (AIT) aims to share everything that is exciting about the African experience with the nations of the world. The station logo and pay-off, AIT - Sharing the African Experience symbolizes its vision: to offer on a daily basis, a refreshing but revealing insight into the African experience worldwide. This sentiment is proudly echoed in AIT’s corporate identity - AIT Sharing the African experience.


With a thematic pay-off which emphasis’s the objective of sharing the unique African experience with the world, AIT’s mission is to enhance global understanding through an untainted appreciation of the world and its peoples.

Unusual amongst global satellite broadcasting stations, AIT is motivated by uniquely altruistic aims to promote a methodical reduction of tension and friction and foster a greater appreciation of humanity. It is committed to the task of bridging the gap in global communication which places Africa at the ruthless mercy of western perspectives, opinions and nuances. AIT’s main task is to project Africa from a wholistic African prospective.
Untainted, undiluted and absolutely original, AIT offers the world a new insight into the African experience.


The management structure allows for autonomy in the running of the distinct services that make up the broadcast company, Raypower 100.5, Raypower 2 106.5FM, AIT, and Daar Internet with separate general managers for each of the stations.

The autonomy of the distinct arms is only limited to the extent that it is answerable to a Board of Management which is headed by a Chief Operating Officer.